Luncheon with Dr. Willem Zeegers
Fountain Valley, California - September 26, 2004

Sponsored by LDR Medical

Where else do they have chaise lounges for luncheon seminars?

Mark's dad (right) gives Dr. Zeegers a personal 'thank-you' for bringing his son back to life!

The hardware lineup (unfortunately, a few folks escaped early.)
7 Charite's, 5 ProDiscs, SI fusion, and BAK w/posterior hardware removed.
front row: pearl, Dr. Zeegers, Labeng, feelinfine, lena246, QueenofHearts
back row: JimM2, RonH, Wendell, mmglobal (Mark)

The Global Connection. JimM2 (left) has met QueenOfHearts in Seattle and Fountain Valley.
BComens (right) has met QueenOfHearts in Straubing (from Rome) and in Fountain Valley.
Mark has met QueenOfHearts in Straubing and Fountain Valley.
Mark has met BComens in Munich and Fountain Valley.
BComens came all the way from Toronto for the luncheon.

4 Charite's and a newbie: How valuable is this? Brad (left), is evaluating ADR. He gets to
talk to McBee (center, not a Zeegers patient) about his serious complications and
upcoming revision surgery, and RonH (right) about his wonderful success!

Dr. Zeegers draws a crowd. That is Mark's wonderful wife, Diane, on the right!

Sergio and his wife (on Zeegers' right) came all the way from Mexico City for the luncheon.

Dr. Zeegers with 4 of his Charite's. There were 5 Zeegers' patients at the luncheon.

Brad, Lena246 and Dr. Zeegers.

JimM2, Mark, and BackWest (Utah Back), that camera-shy 5th Zeegers patient at the seminar.

Doreen (Queen of Hearts) and Dr. Zeegers - California dream'n!